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U have to make sure about dental insurance no waiting period

Those who are poor and also U have to make sure about dental insurance no waiting period between different ethnic groups all this is important in terms of a medicare conversation because Medicare for all has has arisen as an issue around .

the country particularly around the upcoming presidential elections and as people focus on Medicare as a program that provides health care coverage for seniors and.

The popularity of that program people are have need to be aware that there are gaps within that coverage and one of the major gaps that we’re seeing out .

there is oral health which is not covered under the Medicare it’s also a problem for those poor populations that are under Medicaid and because there is a wide variety of differences in the way States provide their adult dental coverage under Medicaid the types of services that people are able to

access is very different and this is obviously for bone Irbil and critical populations so to take us through some of this and Families USA zone campaign around oral health parole I’m going to turn it over now to Melissa

burrows wellness act thanks Patrick so patrick said oral health is one of the

critical issues that we are working on here at families USA because oral health is such a major gap in health insurance programs and also because those gaps have resulted in enormous health needs for vulnerable

Populations and so families USA has a multi multifaceted ongoing campaign to expand oral health coverage for all through adding oral health coverage to Medicare improving Medicaid coverage for adults and in general raising

The profile of oral health as an important health care issue and an important social justice issue so you know adds a little bit of background for

Those of you that are new to oral health and why it might matter to you as a healthcare advocate oral health really is all connected to overall health to

Health equity and to social justice you know oral health is connected to our ability to work our ability to eat our ability to play our ability to go to school there’s plenty .

what is tooth pain ?

A tooth pain is veryhard and prettyyou never have medical chairs beforeyeah Thailand yeah yeah got cancerpolicy yes is very hard if you havecancer you.

tooth pain

know you’re still ontreatment to the most important isalways if you still on treatment and onmedication so it’s possible that youhave cancer and you are on treatmentyour .

own treatment is over but you canstill get medication just to controlthat’s no that’s still going and that isalso already effect they saying no wedon’t cover exactly.

but if you had with years cancer and you go through itand there’s no problem anymore and with for your coming and we’re saying okayI want to have health care here.

inThailand and you have to provide thedocuments or certificates of the doctorsaying okay everything is okay notreatments no medication no any issuesthen the insurance.

companies are willingto cover deductible is an amount you canchoose in the beginning of your policyto lower your yearly premium so forexample you say okay I take a fivethousand .

dollar deductible and you saidyou you choose it to lower your premiumyour yearly premium you’re going to thehospital you have a ten thousand dollarbill so the first five thousand .

dollarsyou’re paying up front and the rest sotheir ups out of the under $, that’sstill open dollar for example becauseyou have different yeah you have thedollar plans you have the Euro plans youhave .

the tie-back plans and we I justtook the dollar example now becausemostly it’s more easy for sixteenthousand ¬†ah but I can see I’ve gota say my bills what four hundredthousand