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 you’ve got to go in and put the correct  fee in the dental insurance in Washington fee schedule you’ve got the fee in the UCR fee schedule but in this  case you don’t have it in the Delta fee schedule how does this look with category percentage now category  percentage is the way all of their software does it to the best of my knowledge except opened em open demo gives

 you the choice in category  percentage again we don’t have a fee in there and so all these are zeros okay which is going to make all these zeros so here you’re doing all this treatment  and it’s coming out the patients estimated portion is going to be zero when you turn around and actually do the treatment bill for it and get paid patients going.

to get a nasty  surprise so the take-home message is to watch for the zeros and when you’re getting zeroes in funny places it usually means your fee schedule isn’t correct don’t get a pissed-off duck in  your practice watch for the zeros okay what else let’s go back and we’re going to fix that little mistake in there-there we go all right and now.

we’re looking at the treatment plan again and it is doing an affordable dental insurance plans  estimate here but how did it arrive at this number over here where did this number come from well it depends on how you have this set up if you look over here we’ve got these little X’s this is very confusing to me I don’t know maybe  it’s because I’m old but you know to me this is like a.

double negative and it’s just backwards of the way it should be but let me tell you the way it is okay when this substitute is checked it means it will substitute the allowance for  amalgamated amalgam if this is an MMOG amalgam the insurance is estimated to pay thirty-eight dollars and forty cents okay however you’re charging two.

hundred and ninety dollars that’s your UCR fee for an amalgam okay that’s where this comes from sometimes it’s a good idea to  do that substitution okay but not always if you with this will tend to make your estimates underestimate the insurance and overestimate the patient’s portion that’s probably a good thing if you’re going to make a mistake.

you want to make it in that direction rather than having to go back to dental insurance in Washington the patient for more money so let’s look at that’s what we’re talking about right there are those two X’s in the substitute.