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Renaissance Dental  Want to cover this procedure and so  they’re requesting that we send it back  so they want the eighty-seven dollars back on this so the way we do this is  similar to a supplemental payment is we select the procedure and/or Renaissance Dental.

Procedures  that they want paid back and we hit the supplemental button now in this window we enter a negative amount and remember  we are sending back eighty-seven dollars so we put minus eighty seven dollars now.

You can if you want if the you don’t want the patient to be responsible for  that amount you could put a write-off in the exact same amount as a positive amount and that would keep you from adding this amount to the patient’s .

Renaissance Dental
Renaissance Dental

Ledger or that their amount owing if the  patient is going to be responsible for this amount you should leave that blank and of course you can always put your remarks in here to show why you were sending that back so.

Maybe they noted that number of  services was exceeded for this they could only have one every five years and she had had one too recently once you have entered in the information again checking the totals at the .

Bottom as always go ahead and say ok and go ahead  and finalize the payment it will need to be finalized as a negative payment and we can mark it as a check we can put our check number so maybe we’re check.

Number we can made it make a note you know refund to insurance say ok and we go through that same finalizing process making sure the amounts match we’re not going to have an EOB you may want to scan a copy of.

Your check that you’re sending out you could click OK and now we show that we’ve sent that back and you have that history in here in the claim and on the ledger and now  the patient owes that because we didn’t write it off so.

That’s the process of posting payments and refunds let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the reports in open dental that are going to allow you to make sure that you’re getting payments back and you.