well because of dentemax that right and so that’s a lesson to be learned in the dental bitch so the better your content the better chance of you ranking in Google it’s just that  dentemax is simple minimum until I used to tell people a minimum of four hundred words.


i’m going to us like words because you’ve got to have content to rank the websites now that you know a dental practice that you click on our services we have two lines about its service they do those sites are not going to rank from those terms there’s too many competing websites.

with great content that have taken the time to write good content with graphics and make it interesting for people and those types of websites just aren’t going to rank the future so kind of wrapping this up we talked about how people search .

we talked about how you gain visibility online talk about the kind of search terms that you should be focusing on you want to focus on keywords with intent money keywords as we call them we’ve talked about eight different things that affect your ranking.

by going through these slides we talked about content why do you need good content and we talked about what you need to do to market as far as being an authority and and having reputation so what’s time just briefly that’s what what is working in from market.

well it’s pretty much the same thing that works last year in marketing and that is SEO reputation video and video marketing you’ve got to be mobile you have to be mobile if your website is not mobile you’re losing so much business I can’t even begin to tell you probably forty percent of