The new way  full coverage dental insurance  of being we have to first work with them on getting them on this emotionally stronger platform once they’re there the words come pretty easily to them in front of their team it’s really magical it’s really magical still and I’d love to talk near and .

 full coverage dental insurance
full coverage dental insurance

A little bit about that day about that retreat yeah if we have time absolutely I do have one question before we jump into that what that is you mentioned clarity and inspiration .

that I understand clarity and understand the power of clarity you’re talking about can you talk about inspire.

I mean he said that is the other part of like is that inspiration comes from clarity is something more to it I’m just trying to get them so yeah so for for example like you said you know clearity is pretty easy to wrap our heads around.

What I what I’m speaking to is let’s say I outline I’ll give you an example of a recent recent dentist who I on the Faculty of something called the Dental Business Institute so it’s almost like a dental MBA especially geared toward people .

Who want to grow their practice in terms of location and so it’s this great program and it’s like over the course of a year I think and I’m on the first weekend because I teach on vision and so some was one of the students in that course it was.

A man who had he had just purchased I may have some of these numbers not quite right but I think he had just purchased his second .

third location he was in a suburb of Detroit and he came to me called me after the course and he said so here’s my situation .

I have these practices and I want to grow to a max of I think he said six or maybe it was eight something like that but that was his max and he said .

I’m currently in contract or in escrow for two more practices one you know set the clothes anytime .

Then the others a little further down and he said so I’m at this place where what it would now be a good time knowing that I’m going to be bringing on.

these other practices would now be a good time to do this retreat and claim this vision and you know or should.