The organization that represents the professional Dental Insurance Maine contact the american dental assistants dental tutoring so let’s talk about why you should not become a dental assistant so I have been in the Dental Insurance Maine now for about years and I was a dental assistant first so I know what it’s all about and I’ve seen the good assistants.

Dental Insurance Maine
Dental Insurance Maine

and I’ve seen the bad assistants I’ve seen assistants that pretty much tell me why they hate their job okay and things that they wished they had known before getting into it now it’s a good idea to think about these things before you start your program because then obviously you spend the money and if you realize it’s not something that you want

to do I mean things happen but you are out all of that money so let’s talk about what qualities you may have that would not make you right for the Dental Assisting position okay so number one is if you’re not a team player and that can be hard to admit by some people but think about it do you prefer to do things on your own um do you get

annoyed when people ask you for help or do you get annoyed when you have to do something for somebody else the Dental Assisting isn’t for you because that’s what a dental assistant is you help out around the office you’re the one where the dentist comes to or the dental hygienist comes to or the receptionist comes to if they have a question

if they need something because you are the one that has to know a little bit about everything they will come to you if they’re minutes late with it with the patient and they need help they will expect you to clean up a room set up a room whatever it takes and handle that patient the best you can it could mean calling them back to have them sit down

updating their medical history getting started with a Polish or x-rays or whatever it may be so you’re the one that people go to for help so if that annoys you